Heavy industry


TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) is a safe method which brings the material into the arc. The method is often used when welding systems of pipes togehter, therefore it is the cleanest welding method. As the requirements become greater whitin the safety system “clean system”, naturally there is no better method to apply. We hold welding approval test certificates in all types of materials, thickness and dimensions.The majority of the welders have long work experience whitin the quality field EN 5817 B.

MMA (Manual Metal Arc) is one of the first welding methods and works in most meterials and conditions. The advantages of this method is that it is possible to weld in all positions and that the celeanliness of the material is less important. We hold welding approval certificates in all types of materials, thicknesses and dimensions.

Thermal cutting
Thermal cutting is a group of cutting processes where a heat sources raises the temperature to the material´s ignition temperature or to the materials melting point. We perform thermal cutting mainly in the categories gas cutting and plasma cutting. Carbon arc gouging also occurs, but in a small extent.

MIG/MAG welding are the fastest method when the weld itself feeds the wire. It runs whith active gas and inactive gas, wchich is the difference between MIG and MAG. We hold most of the existing welding approval certificates.

Pipe assembling
We provide qualified pipe assembling teams which are familiar with all aspects of industrial pipe systems. Our employees work using ISO drawings, but with other types as well. We also provide supervisiors, assembly- and project managers.

Our personnel are highly competent and have many years of experiance in turbine- hydraulic pump- and valve assembling. We also provides supervisors and assembly managers.